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Is This The Place To Be?
Unless you're lost, you're visiting the home page of "Insane" Bill Coltrane: trainee, famous lover, metalhead, and overall just plain nuts! Within the confines of this anti-salad site, you'll find the usual links and contact info, as well as a photo section. Feel free to drop me, Billy Bad Ass, any comments or insults.
Site Updates

07/09/02: Continue postering for Abbotsford show. See for more details!

07/09/02: Begin postering for ECCW show in Abbotsford on July 18th.

06/08/02: Referee first matches at HOP Warehouse Warz.

06/01/02: Worst of the first two nights playing music at HOP Warehouse Warz, look for improvement in the near future unless I feel otherwise.

05/31/02: First ECCW event as a student, work security and take in the show on a whole new level.

05/09/02: Train under Disco Fury today, sore and sporting new shades of red and blue.

05/08/02: Continue training under Starr, continue being sore.

05/07/02: Began pro training under Michelle Starr, and am thus sore.

04/23/02: IBC turns 23 today!

04/06/02-04/22/02: Nothing Happened

04/05/02: IBC page goes online

04/04/02: Nothing

04/03/02: Dark
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